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“YOUMO Happy Hacking Keyboard Hard Case”

Personally, as someone who writes a lot, using a standard keyboard has become challenging. I transitioned from a standard keyboard through a mechanical keyboard and now exclusively use a non-contact keyboard, the “Happy Hacking Professional HT,” emphasizing portability.

For a while, I carried the keyboard without any case in my bag. In reality, I carried it around quite carelessly for a considerable time. However, I started thinking that it might not be appropriate to handle a relatively expensive keyboard so casually.

Thus, while searching for a keyboard case that fits the size of the Happy Hacking Keyboard, I found a hard case available at a reasonable price on AliExpress.

“YOUMO: Happy Hacking Keyboard Hard Case”

I had concerns while placing the order, worrying that the case might not fit the keyboard size. Fortunately, I purchased a 60-key case, and it perfectly matched the size.

It was almost error-free, and the quality was surprisingly good, making me satisfied with the product. The price of the product is $26.90.