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Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation “Connected Banknote”

The Bank of Korea, our central bank, also sells commemorative items. At the “Bank of Korea Currency Museum” in Myeongdong, you can purchase commemorative coins like the “Connected Banknote.”

“Commemorative Connected Banknote”

The connected banknote available at the Bank of Korea is a commemorative coin. It comes in the form of two banknotes attached together. However, it’s designed in a way that you don’t actually cut real money; instead, the banknotes are attached, making it a connected banknote. In case of need, you can carefully cut them apart to use them as regular currency.

“Types of Connected Banknotes”

There are different denominations of connected banknotes, with the 50,000 won denomination seemingly not yet released:

  • 1,000 won
  • 5,000 won
  • 10,000 won

“Trades at a Higher Value Than Face Value”

Connected banknotes typically trade at a higher value than their face value. When purchasing them from the Bank of Korea, you may need to pay more than the original price.

While it’s possible to cut and use them as regular money, it is not recommended. Cutting the banknotes diminishes their value.

Connected banknotes are available for purchase at the Bank of Korea.