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Chison Vacuum Cleaner? “Dibea D18”

There are several products referred to as the “mistake of the continent,” and among them, vacuum cleaners stand out. Products developed in China often have such high performance for their price that they are dubbed the “mistake of the continent.” One of the most prominent products in this category is vacuum cleaners.

While we commonly refer to decent vacuum cleaners from China as “Chison,” the actual name of these vacuum cleaners is different. A popular choice often associated with “Chison” is the brand “Dibea.” Particularly, the “Dibea D18” vacuum cleaner is frequently considered as part of the “Chison” category.

The vacuum cleaners commonly known as “Chison” offer a good balance between affordability and performance. In terms of design, there’s little difference compared to the well-known “Dyson.” Although there is a considerable performance gap due to the almost tenfold difference in price, these products are still praised for their cost-effectiveness.

디베아 D18 구성품

“Dibea D18: Available for Around 100,000 Won”

The Dibea D18 is available for around 100,000 won, making it a reasonably priced option. Interestingly, despite being a Chinese product, purchasing it domestically is often more cost-effective than buying it through AliExpress.

On AliExpress, the product is available for approximately 120,000 won, while it can be purchased domestically for less than 100,000 won.

“Conveniently Find Consumables on AliExpress”

When it comes to vacuum cleaner consumables like filters, AliExpress can be a convenient option. You can find filters, dust bins, motors, charging handles, and more at lower prices than in domestic markets.

So, while it’s advisable to purchase the vacuum cleaner body domestically, AliExpress can be an excellent platform to find consumables at affordable prices.

Here are links to specific consumables:

These links provide access to various parts, especially consumables like filters, at prices significantly lower than what is available domestically.