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Board Game “Incan Gold”

The board game “Incan Gold” was released in 2006. Designed by Alan R. Moon and Bruno Faidutti, it was translated and released in South Korea in 2015.

The game revolves around adventurers seeking ancient Incan artifacts. Players must decide whether to take risks and continue exploring to acquire more treasures or return with the discovered treasure.

Game Components:

  • Five Temple Cards: Numbered on the back to indicate rounds.
  • 16 Adventurer Cards: Divided into 8 Torch Cards and 8 Camp Cards.
  • 8 Tent Models: Foldable for placement.
  • 30 Adventure Cards: 15 Treasure Cards and 15 Hazard Cards (three cards for each of the five hazards).
  • 5 Artifact Cards: Depicting artifacts from different Incan civilizations.
  • 110 Treasures: 60 Green Turquoise (1 point), 30 Black Obsidian (5 points), 20 Gold (10 points).

Game Setup:

  • Each adventurer receives 1 Torch Card, 1 Camp Card, and sets up a Tent model.
  • Place the Temple Cards on the table, and underneath, place one Artifact Card face-down for each temple card.
  • Determine the starting adventurer.


  • The starting adventurer reveals a Temple Card with the number “1” to begin the round.
  • Shuffle the face-down Artifact Card with the Adventure Cards to create a stack for the current round.
  • Each game round consists of several steps:
    • Choosing: Adventurers exploring the temple must decide whether to stay or leave.
  • Adventurers entering the temple select a Torch Card, while those leaving select a Camp Card, placing it face-down. Upon shouting “reveal,” everyone simultaneously exposes their chosen cards.
    • Choosing a Torch Card: The starting adventurer reveals the top card from the Adventure Card stack, placing it next to any previously revealed cards to create a path.
    • Choosing a Camp Card: Distribute any remaining treasures on the path fairly among adventurers who stayed. Any unclaimed treasures are placed on any Adventure Card on the table. If a player ends up alone on the path, they collect all remaining treasures.

End of the Round:

The round concludes when all adventurers safely return or if two hazard cards of the same type are revealed. If any Artifact Cards remain on the path at this point, they are removed from the game. The player to the left of the starting adventurer becomes the new starting adventurer.

End of the Game:

The game spans five rounds. After the final round, adventurers reveal their Tent models and count their treasures.

Treasure values:

  • Turquoise (1 point)
  • Obsidian (5 points)
  • Gold (10 points)
  • Artifact (5 or 10 points)

The adventurer with the most wealth (total treasure points) wins. In case of a tie, the adventurer with the most artifacts wins.