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JAJU “Smart Sensor Mini Heater”

JAJU offers a variety of everyday items, including clothing, kitchenware, and home appliances, at reasonable prices.

“JAJU: Smart Sensor Mini Heater for Cozy Comfort”

One of the products available at JAJU is the “Smart Sensor Mini Heater.” It’s a small-sized heater perfect for individual use, providing warmth without being burdensome in size. The device is compact, making it convenient to use on your own.

One notable feature is the smart sensor incorporated into the heater. It comes with motion sensors that automatically cut off power when no movement is detected. Additionally, it has a built-in conductive safety switch, ensuring automatic power-off even in case of a power outage.

“Convenient Yet Unpredictable Smart Sensor”

While having a smart sensor may seem ideal, it comes with some uncertainties. Occasionally, when sitting still, the lack of movement might trigger the heater to turn off. Similarly, during the night, if no motion is detected, the device may shut off. Furthermore, as it’s not a large-sized product, the heat output is not overly powerful. It’s suitable for personal use, but the somewhat loud noise it produces might make it less ideal for shared spaces like offices.

However, considering the price, it’s a cost-effective product, priced at around 15,000 won.

You can find this product on SSG.COM, and you can navigate to it through the following link:

  • SSG “JAJU Smart Sensor Mini Heater”: SSG Link