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Japanese Eye Drops “ROHTO LYCEE”

In Japan, it’s easy to find pharmacies known as “drugstores” scattered throughout the country. You can easily spot signs with the characters “藥” meaning “medicine,” indicating that it is a pharmacy.

Unlike pharmacies in Korea, Japanese pharmacies sell medications in bulk even without a prescription.

“Famous Pharmacies in Japan…”

There are famous pharmacies in Japan such as “Daikoku” and “Matsumoto Kiyoshi.” Although these two places are different brands, the products they sell are almost identical. Even their signs are similar, giving the impression to foreigners that they are the same stores.

“ROHTO LYCEE: Eye Drops”

Among the well-known products in Japanese drugstores, “ROHTO LYCEE” is one that ranks high. “ROHTO LYCEE” is an eye drop product that can be used with contact lenses. Even if you don’t wear lenses, putting these drops in your eyes provides a refreshing sensation.

Personally, I often experience dry and stiff eyes. Using this product and applying eye drops occasionally brings a cool and refreshing feeling.

The price is around 480 yen for 8ml when purchased locally, but you can also buy it online. It is available on Amazon, where the price may vary significantly.

  • Amazon “ROHTO LYCEE”: Link