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Women’s Backpack “Gaston Luga Classy”

Gaston Luga backpacks are inspired by the founder, Carl, who drew inspiration from a Frenchman named “Gaston Luga” during his travels. Naming the brand after the individual who provided the inspiration makes the company quite memorable.

“Gaston Luga” is a company based in Northern Europe, Sweden. Specializing in backpacks, Gaston Luga offers backpacks suitable for people of all ages, and the “Classy” product is particularly suitable for women.

“A Sleek Design Backpack”

Gaston Luga’s backpacks showcase an overall sleek design. The exterior material is a combination of canvas and leather, with leather accents at the top, creating an elegant and substantial atmosphere.

“A Backpack with Space for a Laptop”

In today’s world, it’s common to see women carrying laptops, and Gaston Luga’s backpacks provide space for laptops. The size can accommodate laptops up to 13 inches.

“A Pouch for Passport”

Gaston Luga’s backpacks are designed with travel in mind, and on the back of the backpack, there is a pouch where you can put your passport.

This pocket is designed to securely store passports while providing relatively easy access. This feature is also applied in the Gaston Luga “Classy.”

The backpack is available for purchase on Coupang. You can find it through the following link:

  • Coupang “Gaston Luga Classy”: Link