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Wireless Earphones Resembling AirPods: Sudio Nio

Sudio is a specialized audio equipment company based in Sweden, producing speakers, earphones, and other audio devices. The company is well-known for creating products with clean designs infused with a Nordic sensibility.

“Sudio Nio: Open-Type Bluetooth Earphones Resembling AirPods”

The “Sudio Nio” closely resembles AirPods, making it challenging to spot the differences at first glance. Indeed, it shares many design elements with AirPods.

The product is an open-type earphone. While in-ear earphones have their merits, open-type earphones are known for their comfortable fit.

“IPX4 Water Resistance, Dual Microphones”

The Sudio Nio features IPX4 water resistance and is equipped with dual microphones.

Upon examining the package contents, it typically includes an accessory box, a product warranty, and a USB-C cable. Extra ear tips are also provided, available in small, medium, and large sizes for a customizable fit.

“20-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Charging”

The product is designed to be charged within its case, but the case does not support wireless charging. Charging is done directly using a “USB-C cable.”

While the 20-hour usage time may seem short to some, it can be considered quite substantial. The product provides enough usage time for a full day with a single charge.

“No Noise-Canceling Feature”

The Sudio Nio does not incorporate a noise-canceling feature. Therefore, there may be a performance difference in noisy environments when compared to products with noise-canceling capabilities.

“Sudio Products Offer a 3-Year Warranty”

All Sudio products come with a remarkable 3-year warranty, allowing for free after-sales service during this period. This is particularly noteworthy for consumable items like earphones, which may encounter malfunctions or get lost over time. Offering a 3-year warranty reflects a significant level of confidence in their products.

The product is available for purchase on Coupang at a price of approximately 90,000 won.

  • Coupang “Sudio Nio”: Link