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Colorful Silicone iPhone Case

One of the products I particularly purchase a lot on AliExpress is “iPhone cases.” In South Korea, purchasing a phone case would cost at least 10,000 won, but on AliExpress, you can get a case for just 1-2 dollars.

Colorful Silicone iPhone Case

Among iPhone cases, one that can be used in a straightforward manner is the subtle-colored silicone case. You can easily find a product on AliExpress that resembles the one available at the Apple Store.

The key difference lies in the fact that, while you have to spend over 50,000 won for a genuine product from the Apple Store, on AliExpress, you can get a similar case for just 1-2 dollars.

Affordably Accessible Silicone Case

Personally, when I first purchased an iPhone, I used a genuine case from the store. However, after trying out a similar product from AliExpress, I now prefer AliExpress products. While they might show slightly less polished finishes compared to genuine ones, considering the price, it’s almost 1/50th of the cost, making it reasonable.

However, when buying iPhone cases on AliExpress, you might end up with a product of lower quality if you’re not careful. From personal experience, among various orders, this product’s quality was the most satisfactory.

The price varies depending on the model, and you can purchase it for approximately 1.6 dollars. It’s less than 2,000 won in Korean currency.