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“DIY iPhone Battery Replacement with NOHON Battery”

As you use your iPhone for an extended period, the battery performance naturally declines. In such cases, you can either visit an official Apple service center or a third-party repair service for a battery replacement.

However, opting for an official service center is secure but expensive in terms of labor costs. On the other hand, third-party services are more affordable in terms of labor.

“DIY iPhone Battery Replacement”

Personally, I use the iPhone X and iPhone 6s, both of which have been in use for over three years, resulting in the battery performance dropping below 80%.

Considering the prolonged usage, I felt there was no need to visit an official service center for an expensive battery replacement. However, I was also hesitant to hand it over to a third-party repair service.

Upon searching on AliExpress, I found affordable iPhone battery replacement kits, making DIY replacement an attractive option.

“DIY iPhone Battery Replacement Kit”

You can find affordable iPhone battery replacement kits on AliExpress. The prices vary slightly depending on the model, with the iPhone X kit costing around $30 and the iPhone 6s kit around $20.

In the end, even when combining the cost of two batteries, it was only around $50, making it more economical than repairing a single battery at an official service center.

“NOHON Battery: Larger Capacity Than Genuine Batteries”

The battery I chose this time is from “NOHON,” and one of its advantages is a larger capacity compared to official batteries.

Three years have passed since my purchase, and during that time, technology has advanced, allowing for larger capacities within the same size.

“DIY Battery Replacement”

For guidance on DIY battery replacement, I referred to YouTube videos. Following the overall guide, the process wasn’t overly challenging. However, removing the double-sided tape attached to the existing battery required some confidence, and I faced a bit of difficulty as I was too cautious in removing it.

Nevertheless, while attempting to forcefully tear off the tape, the battery heated up, making it easier to remove. Eventually, after removing the tape, detaching the old battery, inserting the new battery, and reassembling everything in reverse order, I successfully replaced the battery.

How to Change Battery (DIY)

“DIY Replaced Battery, Satisfied with Performance”

As it was my first time replacing a battery, it took a considerable amount of time, approximately an hour per iPhone. Despite the time investment, I saved on labor costs, gained experience by doing it myself, and felt satisfied with the DIY replacement.

Note that when you purchase a battery replacement kit, it typically includes all the necessary tools such as drivers and picks, eliminating the need for separate purchases.