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Swedish Backpack “Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack”

“Gaston Luga” is a company based in Northern Europe, Sweden. Specializing in backpacks, Gaston Luga offers versatile backpacks suitable for people of all ages.

The inspiration for Gaston Luga’s backpacks comes from the founder, Carl, who was inspired by a Frenchman named “Gaston Luga” during his travels. Naming the brand after the person who provided the inspiration makes the company quite memorable.

“Gaston Luga Backpack: Pråper”

Among the various bags available from Gaston Luga, the featured product is named “Pråper.” This bag is a combination of canvas and leather, exuding a casual charm.

Personally, one of the most appealing aspects of Gaston Luga backpacks is the “shoulder straps.” Designed with hook fasteners, once you set the length, they do not loosen, providing a significant advantage.

“A Bag with a Compartment for a Laptop”

Having a compartment for a laptop is a common feature in backpacks nowadays, and Gaston Luga backpacks still offer this functionality.

Although it may seem small, the bag provides a spacious compartment that can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches.

“A Pocket for Passport and Essentials”

On the back of the bag, you’ll find a small opening. This pocket is ideal for carrying small wallets, passports, and other essentials.

It is particularly optimized for passports, fitting perfectly into the pocket. It seems designed specifically for carrying passports, making it an excellent choice for selecting an auxiliary bag for travel.

The backpack is available for purchase on Coupang. You can find it through the following link:

  • Coupang “Gaston Luga Pråper”: Link