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Xiaomi “Hair Dryer”

Xiaomi, nicknamed the “Apple of the East,” produces a variety of household appliances in addition to its smartphones. Armed with clean designs and cost-effective products, Xiaomi has penetrated various aspects of daily life.

“Xiaomi Mijia: Hair Dryer”

Xiaomi also manufactures hair dryers. The hair dryers produced by Xiaomi boast a simple yet sleek design. Despite their simplicity, they feature all the essential functions and are known for their neat finishes.

“1600W, Foldable Dryer”

The air strength is quite powerful, providing a comfortable level of airflow with “1600W,” allowing for quick hair drying.

Moreover, like other dryers, it is released in a foldable form, allowing the handle to be folded. This product has a space-saving design, making it convenient to pack in a suitcase for travel.

The color is white, presenting a simple yet clean design. The product is available for purchase on AliExpress, priced at approximately $18.

  • AliExpress “Xiaomi Hair Dryer”: Link