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“Xiaomi Handheld Steamer”

Known as the “Apple of the East,” Xiaomi produces various home appliances. True to its nickname, Xiaomi’s products generally boast clean designs and finishes.

“Xiaomi: Handheld Steamer”

Xiaomi also manufactures steamers. The brand name for Xiaomi’s household appliances is “Mijia.”

The handheld steamer from Xiaomi Mijia has a simple configuration, consisting of the steamer body, a water reservoir, and a head attachment for the steamer brush.

“A Steamer That Doesn’t Require an Ironing Board”

Given its simple components, the usage is straightforward. After filling the water tank and attaching it, you can immediately use the steamer by connecting the power. Pressing the button releases steam.

One of the significant advantages of this product is that it doesn’t require an ironing board. While having an ironing board can lead to neater ironing, it is not essential.

When dealing with excessively wrinkled clothes, hanging them on a hanger and using the steamer can help smooth out some wrinkles.

“Budget-Friendly with Good Value”

Xiaomi is renowned for its cost-effective products, and the handheld steamer is no exception. Priced at around $23, it is available for purchase on AliExpress.