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“Xiaomi Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: VIOMI”

Xiaomi, nicknamed the “Apple of China,” produces various products ranging from smartphones to household appliances, offering a broad spectrum of lifestyle-related items.

In the past, Chinese products were often associated with lower quality, but nowadays, there are many exceptions to that notion. Xiaomi, in particular, manages to showcase clean finishes and forward-thinking designs despite being a Chinese brand.

“Xiaomi Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: VIOMI”

The “VIOMI” is Xiaomi’s wireless vacuum cleaner. Despite being a Chinese product, it boasts a clean and futuristic design. The use of metal materials prevents it from feeling too inexpensive, and simultaneously, it offers robust durability. However, it’s worth noting that the dustbin, which collects trash and dust, is made of plastic, so care should be taken as it may break if dropped.

“Easy Assembly Vacuum Cleaner”

The assembly is simple yet refined, giving a sense of neatness. The product configuration is also simple but provides everything needed. It comes with various vacuum cleaner heads, allowing for replacement and usage according to different situations and needs.

샤오미 VIOMI 구성품

“Detachable Battery”

One of the standout features of the “Xiaomi VIOMI” is the ability to detach the battery separately. Detaching the battery for charging is extremely convenient. You can charge the battery separately and connect it to the main unit only when needed.

The battery lasts for approximately 10 minutes when used in the most powerful mode. While this might seem relatively short, if the home is not too spacious, there won’t be much need to use the wireless vacuum cleaner for more than 10 minutes, making it a reasonable duration. (The product introduction claims up to 60 minutes, and additional batteries are available for purchase if needed.)

The price is approximately 220,000 won, which is relatively high for a Chinese product. However, when compared to wireless vacuum cleaners produced by Dyson, Samsung, LG, and others, it offers a very reasonable price.

Interestingly, Xiaomi, being a Chinese product, is more convenient and economical to purchase through Cupang than through AliExpress.