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“Xiaomi Air Purifier: Mi Air 3C”

Known as the “Apple of the East,” Xiaomi produces a wide range of products. While initially making a mark in the world with smartphones, Xiaomi has now infiltrated our daily lives with various home appliances.

“Xiaomi Air Purifier: Mi Air”

Xiaomi also produces air purifiers as part of its home appliance lineup under the series name “Mi Air.”

One of the advantages of Xiaomi products is their clean design, neat finishes, and affordable prices despite being of Chinese origin. This product, like others, features a clean design and comes at a reasonable price.

“Relatively Affordable with Excellent Cost Performance”

Typically, air purifiers come with a hefty price tag. However, Xiaomi products offer substantial competitiveness in terms of price. The series includes models like “Pro,” “3H,” and “3C.” Among them, the most affordable model is the “3C.” Despite its smaller size, it can purify air in areas up to 40 square meters, roughly 13 square meters.

Considering its ability to cover approximately 13 square meters, the product is budget-friendly, priced between 90,000 won to 120,000 won.

“Mi Home: Integration with the Mi Home App”

Another advantage of this product is its compatibility with the “Mi Home” application provided by Xiaomi. Through the “Mi Home” app, the purifier can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. Users can turn it on or off, set it to manual mode, and even schedule specific operating times.

An interesting aspect is that despite being a product made in China, purchasing it through Cupang is faster and more economical than through AliExpress. You can find the Cupang link below.