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Board Game “Dixit”

“Dixit” is a board game released by “Libellud” in 2008. Suitable for ages 6 and up, it falls under the party game genre. It accommodates 3 to 6 players at a time.

A Unique Board Game with Pictures: Dixit

“Dixit” stands out from other board games as it deviates from the reliance on dice for luck or strategic reading of moves. It revolves around cards featuring various illustrations. The game involves a storyteller drawing a card, providing a brief description, and players guessing which card matches the description from a display of cards.

Game Setup:

The game components include diverse illustrations, rabbit markers, number chips, etc. Number chips are used to indicate the player’s guessed answer, while rabbit markers are used to show acquired points.


  • Storyteller’s Description: The player taking the turn becomes the storyteller. They select a card from their hand, give a brief description, which can include words, music, or performances, and then place the card face-down, concealing it.
  • Placing Cards Down: Other players, upon hearing the description, choose a card from their hand that they believe closely matches the description. They place it face-down, keeping it hidden.
  • Time to Choose: The storyteller shuffles the chosen card and the storyteller’s card, then reveals them for everyone to see. Other players then try to guess which card was the storyteller’s.
  • Scoring: Players receive points based on the results.
    • If all players guess correctly or incorrectly: Players, except the storyteller, earn 2 points each. (Thus, the storyteller should provide a description that is not too clear or too vague to avoid everyone guessing correctly or incorrectly.)
    • Otherwise: The storyteller and players who guessed correctly earn 3 points. Players who successfully mislead others earn points based on how many they fooled.
  • Next Turn: Remove the revealed cards from the game. Each player draws a new card, and the turn passes to the next player.

Game End Conditions:

The game concludes when there are no cards left to draw at the end of a turn. The player with the most points wins. In games with two or more decks, including expansion cards, the first player to reach 30 points wins.