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Unique Eats on Gangneung’s Wolhwa Street: ‘Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread’

As you travel around Korea, you’ll come across a variety of foods, and in Gangneung, you can even discover a unique dish you may not have heard of before – ‘Jjamppong Bread’.

“Gangneung Central Market: Jjamppong Bread”

You can find Jjamppong Bread at Gangneung Central Market. This bakery, located across from where Wolhwa Station used to be, can be found right next to a special sculpture marking the starting point of Wolhwa Street. With its eye-catching blue sign, it’s hard to miss. The official name of the store is “Gangneung Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread”.

“A Variety of Jjamppong Breads at Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread”

At Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread, you can taste various types of Jjamppong Bread. The menu typically includes three options. It seems that there used to be a wider variety of menu items in the past, but now it’s narrowed down to these three.

Here are the menu items available at Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread:

  • Spicy Seafood Noodle Bread: KRW 3,500
  • Cream Jjamppong Bread: KRW 3,500
  • Sweet and Sour Vegetable Bun: KRW 3,500

At KRW 3,500 per piece, it’s an affordable price. Since this bread is unique to Gangneung, it can also be a great option for gifts. If you choose to package it as a gift, you can purchase it in quantities of 6 or 12.

The design of the Jjamppong Bread is clean and sophisticated, making it an even better choice for gifting.

“A Bakery for Takeout Only”

The Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread shop isn’t very large, so only takeout is available. If you plan to eat it later, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. However, on nice days, there are benches set up around Wolhwa Street, so you can enjoy your taste test nearby.

We bought one piece of bread each and tasted it at our accommodation. It was an impressive dish, something you don’t come across every day. It could be a great choice to savor as a special treat while exploring Gangneung. After all, it’s a unique bread with a distinctive name that you won’t find elsewhere.

“Gangneung Chinese-style Jjamppong Bread”

  • Address: 17 Gyeongseong-ro 13beon-gil, Gangneung, Gangwon Province (Postal Code: 25543)
  • Operating Hours: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/zzambbongbbang