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Hong Kong Sheung Wan: NOHO (North of Hollywood Road) & POHO (Po Hing Fong)

In Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, there are two well-known areas divided around Hollywood Road. These are “NOHO” (North of Hollywood Road) and “SOHO” (South of Hollywood Road), each located north and south of Hollywood Road, respectively.

“Exploring NOHO (North of Hollywood Road)”

NOHO is a district located north of Hollywood Road. Much like Hollywood Road, it features a street adorned with various murals. While Hollywood Road boasts larger and more vibrant murals, NOHO offers a relatively modest atmosphere, giving off a sense of being a place where locals predominantly reside.

“Discovering POHO (West of Hollywood Road)”

The area to the west of Hollywood Road is referred to as POHO. This is a shortened form of “Po Hing Fong.” Simply put, if you’re north of Man Mo Temple, it’s NOHO; if you’re west, it’s POHO; and if you’re south, it’s SOHO. However, due to Hong Kong’s compactness, it’s easy to transition between these areas on foot, making the distinctions less significant for visitors. 

POHO, much like NOHO, exudes a slightly more understated ambiance compared to Hollywood Road. It gives off a vibe of being a residential area for locals. Additionally, you can find many quaint cafes and restaurants in this area.

“Sheung Wan, POHO, Blake Garden”