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Macau Bus Tour: Open-Top Night Bus Tour

On the first night of my trip to Macau, I planned to take a bus tour to explore the main areas of the city. Since it was my first visit to Macau, I thought it would be a good idea to comfortably tour the city and get a feel for the layout by bus.

Fortunately, there was a tour option called the “Open-Top Night Bus Tour” available in Macau, which allowed me to explore the major areas of the city.

“Macau, Open-Top Night Bus Tour”

The Macau Open-Top Night Bus Tour started from the Macau Ferry Terminal, passing by the Grand Lisboa Hotel in the Macau Peninsula, then crossing a bridge near the Macau Tower to reach the Cotai area.

The final destination was the densely populated area of hotels and resorts in Cotai, Macau.

“Starting Point of the Open-Top Night Bus Tour”

The Open-Top Night Bus Tour begins at the Macau Ferry Terminal Information Center. We gathered here until 7:00 PM, then boarded the bus at the shuttle bus stop to start the night tour.

“The Bus Tour with Guide’s Commentary”

As the name suggests, the bus had an open-top, allowing us to enjoy the night scenery of Macau while feeling the cool breeze.

It’s recommended to sit on the left side of the bus during the tour, as the tour is mainly centered around the left side. Unfortunately, due to arriving right on time, I had to sit on the right side, which made it a bit challenging to fully appreciate the view.

The bus provided commentary from the guide, which was available in Korean as well. However, there were moments when the location and commentary didn’t align perfectly, which was a bit puzzling.

“Route of the Open-Top Night Bus Tour”

The route of the Open-Top Night Bus Tour was as follows:

  1. Macau Ferry Terminal
  2. Rua do Mercadores (Merchant Street)
  3. Macau Peninsula: Fountain show in front of Grand Lisboa Hotel
  4. Macau Peninsula: Macau Tower
  5. Bridge from Macau Peninsula to Cotai Area
  6. Cotai Area: Galaxy Hotel
  7. Cotai Area: Fountain show in front of Wynn Palace Hotel
  8. Cotai Area: The Venetian Hotel
  9. Cotai Area: Parisian Hotel
  10. Cotai Area: Studio City Hotel
  11. Cotai Area: The Venetian Hotel (Final stop)

The tour followed this course, making stops at various hotels in the Cotai area before returning to The Venetian Hotel for the conclusion.

You can choose your final stop, either at The Venetian Hotel or continue back to the starting point if you wish to explore further. Personally, I chose to disembark in the Cotai area after the bus tour to continue my exploration.

“Duration of the Bus Tour: Approximately 45 minutes”

The Open-Top Night Bus Tour took about 45 minutes. Keep in mind that this may vary slightly depending on the circumstances of the day, but on average, it seemed to conclude in about 45 minutes.

If you ever plan to take a night bus tour for city sightseeing in Macau, you can refer to the information above.

“Macau, Open-Top Bus Tour: Night Tour”

  • Meeting Point: Macau Ferry Terminal
  • Meeting Point Address: Macau, Largo do Terminal Maritimo