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The Hip Street of Central, Hong Kong – ‘SOHO’

You can find areas named “SOHO” in various places. It’s a commonly used term in major cities worldwide, often associated with trendy locations. In Korea, you can also find streets or stores labeled “SOHO.”

You can also find SOHO in Hong Kong, which boasts a hip atmosphere comparable to areas like Hongdae or Konkuk University in Korea.

“The Hip Street of Central, Hong Kong – ‘SOHO'”

In business terminology, “SOHO” is an abbreviation for “Small Office Home Office,” referring to small offices or using a home as an office for marketing purposes. When used to denote an area, it signifies “South Of…” and refers to the southern part of a location.

In the case of the U.S., it stands for “South Of Houston,” indicating the southern part of Houston. The SOHO in Hong Kong refers to the area south of Hollywood Road.

“An area densely populated with atmospheric cafes, bars, and restaurants.”

Hong Kong’s SOHO, like those in the U.S. or the UK, is characterized by its charming cafes, bars, and restaurants. What’s unique about Hong Kong’s SOHO is the presence of stylish murals throughout the area. Thanks to this, you can enjoy special views just by strolling along the streets.

“Easily accessible via the Mid-level Escalator”

The most convenient way to get to the SOHO area on foot is by taking the Mid-level Escalator. In Hong Kong, you’ll encounter many steep uphill paths, so riding the escalator minimizes energy consumption when ascending these hills.

The Mid-level Escalator connects key areas in Central, Hong Kong, including SOHO and Pottinger Street.

“Central, Hong Kong – SOHO”