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Hong Kong SOHO, Wonton Noodle Restaurant ‘Tsim Chai Kee’

Hong Kong is known as a city of gastronomy, where you can find restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide all around. The Michelin Guide doesn’t only highlight luxurious restaurants; it also has a section called “Bib Gourmand” that introduces restaurants where you can have a reasonable meal at a moderate price.

“Michelin Guide Restaurant in Hong Kong SOHO, Tsim Chai Kee”

In the SOHO area of Hong Kong, you can find a restaurant known for its wonton noodles. The restaurant, named Tsim Chai Kee, is located not far from the starting point of the Mid-level Escalator.

This place has earned a spot in the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand, particularly for its wonton noodles. The Bib Gourmand signifies restaurants where you can have a reasonable meal for under 35,000 Korean won, and at Tsim Chai Kee, you can enjoy a bowl of wonton noodles for around 5,000 Korean won.

“Wonton Noodle with Yellow Noodles: HKD 32”

On this day, I opted for a simple dinner and ordered a bowl of wonton noodles. The price was 32 Hong Kong dollars, which is approximately 4,600 Korean won.

The noodles in the wonton noodles were yellow, known as “yellow noodles,” and they have a distinct chewy texture that can be a matter of personal preference. Personally, I’m not a fan of chewy noodles, but I tried them, thinking it’s a special taste that I can only experience while traveling.

The wonton noodles come with a generous serving of shrimp wontons, making it an easy and delicious dish to enjoy alongside the noodles.

During lunch and dinner hours, the restaurant is always bustling with many people. It’s no wonder, given that the prices are affordable and the quality of the food is decent. Therefore, it might be a good idea to visit during non-peak hours to avoid the lunch and dinner rush.

“Hong Kong, Central – Tsim Chai Kee Noodle”

  • Address: 98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
  • Phone Number: +852 2850 6471
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 – 22:00