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Hong Kong, Longest Outdoor Escalator ‘Mid-level Escalator’

Frequently featured in 1990s Hong Kong films, it has become an iconic symbol of Hong Kong. It is the world’s longest outdoor escalator, known as the ‘Mid-level Escalator’.

“Hong Kong, with its many hills, naturally offers many inclined paths. Many buildings are constructed on steep slopes, and you can find many buildings perched on hilltops.

Due to the abundance of inclined paths, walking can be challenging, so outdoor escalators were installed in Hong Kong to address this issue.

These escalators, installed in this manner, are known as the ‘Mid-level Escalator’, boasting the longest length in the world. It stretches a total length of 800 meters, running from Queens Road Central to the upscale residential area of Mid-level in Hong Kong.

“Escalator connecting from Hong Kong HSBC to Victoria Peak Mid-level”

The Mid-level Escalator starts near the Hong Kong HSBC and gradually ascends to higher points. By riding the escalator, you can reach the mid-level of Victoria Peak. It takes about 20 minutes to ascend from the starting point to the final destination, although not all areas are connected by escalators, and there are sections where you have to walk on stairs.

Especially, during my personal visit, there was a section under maintenance, so I had to climb this section using stairs. Areas that are not on a hillside are connected by overpasses or bridges.

“Mid-level Escalator with multiple exits”

Throughout the Mid-level Escalator, you can find exits to get on and off at various points. Thanks to this, you don’t necessarily have to board or disembark only at the starting and final points.

“Different operating hours by time period”

An interesting fact is that the escalator was installed specifically for the residents of the Mid-level area. As a result, the direction of the escalator’s operation varies depending on the time of day.

During the morning rush hour, the escalator operates in a downward direction, while at other times, it operates in an upward direction, with the respective times as follows:

  • Downward operation hours: 6:00 – 10:15
  • Upward operation hours: 10:15 – 24:00

“Hong Kong movies, backdrop of Chungking Express”

The Mid-level Escalator was a common backdrop in 1990s Hong Kong films. It was notably featured as the filming location for the poster of Wong Kar-wai’s 1990s Hong Kong film ‘Chungking Express’.

In addition to that, it has appeared in various movies, music videos, etc. It can be considered one of the most prominent landmarks that comes to mind when thinking of Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong, Central, Mid-level Escalator”

  • Address: Jubilee St, Central, Hong Kong
  • Operating hours: 6:00 – 24:00