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Singapore, Universal Studios ‘Food Court’

Sentosa Island in Singapore is a developed resort destination featuring various resorts, amusement parks, and hotels. You can find a mix of activities that blend with the natural scenery of Singapore’s beaches.

Universal Studios Singapore, situated on Sentosa Island, is one such attraction with seven themed zones offering 46 diverse rides. It’s a place where you can enjoy attractions for an extended period, even if you decide to revisit previously experienced rides.

“Universal Studios Singapore, Food Court”

Within Universal Studios Singapore’s seven diverse themes, you can find 46 attractions. While there are dining options within the park, they may be limited in variety and somewhat pricey. Fortunately, right in front of the main entrance of Universal Studios, there’s a food court.

“Multiple Reentries at Universal Studios”

Once you’ve purchased a Universal Studios one-day pass, there’s no restriction on leaving and returning. However, upon reentry, you’ll receive a stamp visible under special lighting upon exiting.

This flexible policy allows visitors to step out for a meal and return if needed.

“Restaurants Outside Universal Studios”

In front of the main entrance of Universal Studios, you’ll find a row of restaurants. The food court-style building with various themes for each food court was impressive.

This visit led me to a Malay-Singaporean food corner, and nearby, there was a building with a concept named “Insadong Korea Town,” housing restaurants selling Korean food.

“Operational Food Courts”

The food courts operate in a cafeteria style, with multiple stalls inside. Tables are communal, offering a shared seating arrangement. You can order food from your preferred corner and enjoy your meal.

In the Malay-Singaporean corner, most dishes ranged from SGD 6 to 8, translating to approximately KRW 4,800 to 6,400. On this day, I tried an unidentified Malaysian-style dish, which turned out to be a delightful meal.

“Selling Fruits in Singapore”

In Singapore, it’s common to find vendors cutting and selling a variety of tropical fruits. The same practice was observed in the food court, where you could buy a plate of sliced fruits for SGD 1.6, approximately KRW 1,500. It made for a refreshing dessert after the meal.

Given the warm weather in Singapore, one might crave fruits during travels, making it a delightful post-meal treat.

Despite being one of Singapore’s iconic tourist destinations, Universal Studios offers reasonably priced food, making it an enjoyable and budget-friendly visit.

“Sentosa Universal Studios, Food Court”

  • Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
  • Phone: +65 6238 8221
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Website: http://rwsentosa.com