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Singapore Sentosa, Amusement Park ‘Universal Studios’

In the south of Singapore Island, another island called ‘Sentosa’ awaits. This place gained recognition as the site where the North Korea–United States summit took place between Kim Jong-un and President Trump. Sentosa is an island getaway in Singapore, home to various resorts, making it a prominent leisure destination.

‘Sentosa Island in Singapore’

The name ‘Sentosa’ translates from Malay to mean “peace” and “tranquility.” It adopted this name from the 1970s; previously, it was known as ‘Pulau Belakang Mati,’ meaning ‘the island behind which death awaits.’ This name traces back to the island’s history as a pirate base, leading to violent conflicts and piracy activities in the region.

Now, Sentosa has transformed into a top vacation spot, featuring a range of entertainment and a hotel-resort area along its beautiful beaches.

“Universal Studios in Singapore”

Universal Studios is a theme park akin to Disneyland, featuring a collection of attractions inspired by popular Universal Studios films. You can find Universal Studios in various locations worldwide, with Singapore and Osaka, Japan being notable in the Asian region.

“Singapore Universal Studios Opened in 2010”

Singapore’s Universal Studios opened its doors on March 18, 2010, situated on Sentosa Island, covering a vast area of 2.17 million square meters.

Singapore Universal Studios is divided into 7 themed zones, each offering various attractions. There are a total of 46 attractions across these zones:

  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Sci-Fi City
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • Far Far Away
  • Madagascar

“Universal Studios Admission”

Universal Studios sells only the Universal Express Pass for admission. The adult ticket costs SGD 76, and for children, it’s SGD 56 in Singapore dollars. However, if you’ve traveled with Singapore Airlines, showing your airline ticket can get you a discount.

I, too, benefited from a Singapore Airlines discount, acquiring the ticket for SGD 68.

– Singapore Airlines: Singapore’s Representative Airline “Singapore Airlines”

For those who prefer skipping the lines, there’s an option to purchase the “Express” pass, allowing expedited access to attractions. Note that you need to buy the Universal Express Pass in addition to the general admission ticket. Keep in mind that this may incur additional costs, so it’s advisable to budget accordingly.

“Storytelling on Each Ride”

What impressed me most at Universal Studios was that each ride involved not just experiencing the ride but also incorporating storytelling into the attractions. This added a strong sense of participation in the story.

Especially in “Sci-Fi City,” witnessing the roller coaster themed after “Battlestar Galactica,” a show I enjoyed during my childhood, sparked excitement. While waiting in line to board the roller coaster, an actual actor from the show briefed us. For the human roller coaster named “Viper,” there was a briefing by an actor who played “Starbuck” in the series.

Although I didn’t experience the Cylon coaster, I assume “Number 6” might have provided the briefing.

“Transformers 3D Ride”

Transformers were also part of the theme. The Transformers 3D ride, combining visuals and the ride itself, created remarkably realistic scenes. It felt like being a protagonist in a movie, closely witnessing the scenes.

“Free Lockers for Belongings”

Concerned about carrying belongings while boarding the rides? To assist with the inconvenience, free lockers are available throughout the park. However, be cautious as each locker has a different free usage time.

For instance, the Battlestar Galactica locker allowed 65 minutes of free use, while Egypt provided 45 minutes. Jurassic Park had no free usage time, only paid options. Considering these details might prove helpful.

While I initially visited with moderate expectations due to being alone, the presence of attractions related to shows I’d watched on TV and the incorporation of storytelling into each attraction made it an engaging theme park.

Given the short duration of my visit due to travel constraints, spending less than half a day here felt regrettable. If I have the chance to visit Singapore again, allocating more time to Universal Studios would be on my travel plan. Particularly for those who enjoyed Universal Studios’ movies or shows, it’s a place that would likely elicit excitement.

“Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island”