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Singapore’s Representative Airline “Singapore Airlines”

Just as South Korea has its representative airlines, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, Singapore has “Singapore Airlines.” Singapore Airlines is a 5-star airline highly rated by world travel magazines. It particularly excels in the field of cabin crew service, holding the top spot globally.

“Unique Uniform of Singapore Airlines”

There’s an element that makes Singapore Airlines stand out even more. It’s the unique uniform worn by the female cabin crew. The uniform features the traditional Malaysian pattern called “Batik.”

The uniform is named “Sarong Kebaya” and was designed by the French designer Pierre Balmain. It’s used to promote the airline, especially under the image of the “Singapore Girl.” This distinctive uniform helps create the image of Singapore Airlines.

“Singapore Sling Served Onboard”

As befitting the airline representing Singapore, they also serve the iconic cocktail of Singapore, the “Singapore Sling,” onboard. While it may not be listed on the menu, if you ask the cabin crew for a “Singapore Sling,” they’ll happily provide it.

“If You Hold a Singapore Airlines Ticket, You Can Get Discounts”

When traveling to Singapore using Singapore Airlines, it’s recommended to keep your airline ticket rather than disposing of it. By showing a Singapore Airlines ticket, you can receive discounts at almost all major tourist attractions in Singapore.

These discounts are offered through the “Singapore Explorer Pass.” You can even get a 10% discount at restaurants like “Jumbo Seafood” that sell Singapore’s representative dish, “Chili Crab.”

Furthermore, attractions like Sentosa’s amusement parks, Universal Studios, the new park in Jurong, “Jurong Bird Park,” and others also offer discounts. So, if you’ve visited Singapore using Singapore Airlines, don’t miss out on claiming the discounts you’re entitled to. (Of course, if you purchase tickets online before your trip to Singapore, you may receive even more substantial discounts.)

If you’d like more detailed information about the various discounts offered by Singapore Airlines, you can check through the link below:

So far, we’ve taken a look at Singapore Airlines. If you’re planning to visit Singapore, considering using Singapore Airlines might be a good idea. You’ll be able to experience an exotic atmosphere starting from the moment you depart from Incheon International Airport.