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Singapore Robertson Quay Hotel “M Social Hotel”

The accommodation I stayed at during this trip to Singapore was “M Social Hotel,” located near “Robertson Quay.” This Singapore journey was supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, and both the flight and accommodation were provided by them.

Content creators collaborating with the Singapore Tourism Board were assigned hotels in different areas. Some were allocated accommodations near Orchard Road Station, while others received resorts in Sentosa. I was assigned a hotel near “Robertson Quay,” considered one of Singapore’s major tourist attractions.

“M Social Hotel at Robertson Quay, Singapore”

M Social Hotel at Robertson Quay is a 4-star hotel situated along the Singapore River. The overall facilities were clean, although, given the high land prices in downtown Singapore, the room, even though it was for two people, wasn’t particularly spacious. However, since I used the 2-person room alone, it wasn’t a significant issue.

The hotel was not too far from the city center, and the staff were friendly. Interestingly, I encountered hoteliers working in Singapore after coming overseas for employment. According to one of the staff, this hotel was relatively newly established.

“Central Location but Not Very Convenient for Public Transportation at M Social Hotel”

One slight downside was that although the hotel was in the city center, it was quite a distance from the subway or bus stops. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too far from Singapore’s landmarks such as “Riverside” and “Clarke Quay.” Walking to each took approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

So, while it was enjoyable to stroll along the Singapore River and appreciate the scenery, it was less convenient for using buses or subways to travel elsewhere. This place seems more suitable for travelers looking to enjoy a leisurely trip along the Singapore River than for those seeking a hectic travel itinerary.

“Small Pool and Gym”

The hotel had a small swimming pool and a gym. However, both were quite modest in size. Especially when compared to the famous pool at the “Marina Bay Sands” hotel in Singapore, it didn’t stand out. I only confirmed the existence of these facilities here and didn’t spend much time using them.

“Hotel Breakfast at Beast & Butterflies”

The breakfast at M Social Hotel was served at the adjacent restaurant called “Beast & Butterflies.” It operated from 7 AM to 10:30 AM, offering a buffet-style meal.

Thanks to this, I could have a hearty breakfast every morning and recharge before continuing my journey in Singapore.

“M Social Hotel Singapore”