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Singapore Chinatown Jerky ‘Bee Cheng Hiang’

Jerky is a globally recognized form of preserved food, also found in Korea, where meat is thinly sliced, marinated in soy sauce or spices, and then dried.

Known to have been used as combat rations by Mongolian soldiers in the past, jerky is not only popular in Korea but also discovered in various forms worldwide.

“Singapore’s Jerky at Bee Cheng Hiang”

Bee Cheng Hiang is a specialized jerky store in Singapore. There are two well-known jerky shops in Singapore: one called ‘Lim Chee Guan’ and the other ‘Bee Cheng Hiang.’

This time, I visited ‘Bee Cheng Hiang,’ not intentionally seeking it out but stumbling upon it while exploring Chinatown.

“Bee Cheng Hiang in Singapore’s Chinatown”

Finding Bee Cheng Hiang in Chinatown is relatively easy. As you ascend the escalator from the Chinatown MRT subway station, it is right in front of you.

Bee Cheng Hiang, being a jerky specialty shop, showcases a variety of jerky. Unlike Korean jerky, Singaporean jerky tends to be heavily seasoned, and its characteristic is its non-chewy texture.

Although the taste varies slightly depending on the seasoning, it is generally based on a savory flavor. There is also an option to add spiciness to the jerky.

Local jerky was reasonably priced; approximately SGD 7.5 for three pieces, which equates to about 2,000 won per piece. 

“Bee Cheng Hiang, Found in Korea Too”

While Bee Cheng Hiang originated in Singapore as a jerky specialty store, it has expanded globally and can now be found in Korea. You can locate it at Myeongdong Road Shop or major department stores like Lotte or Hyundai. However, for some reason, the Bee Cheng Hiang stores in Korea are about three times more expensive than their local counterparts.

Therefore, when traveling to Singapore, it’s more advisable to taste and purchase the products locally for a more budget-friendly experience.

“Bee Cheng Hiang in Singapore’s Chinatown”