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Singapore Chinatown, Hawker Centre ‘Food Street’

In Singapore, you can find a unique form of food court called ‘Hawker Centre.’ Similar to our packaging cart in Korea, it provides communal tables along the street with various food truck-style stalls nearby.

“Experience the Charm of Singapore at Hawker Centre”

Hawker Centres are scattered throughout Singapore, with some gaining particular fame. While I didn’t visit a renowned one this time, I happened to pass by a Hawker Centre in Chinatown.

Considering it was well past dinner time, instead of eating elsewhere, the sight of this space prompted the decision to dine here, offering both affordable food and a genuine sense of Singapore’s exotic atmosphere.

“Chinatown’s Hawker Centre, Food Street”

The Hawker Centre within Chinatown operates under the name ‘Food Street.’ makeshift stalls line both sides of the street, with tables interspersed in between.

You can order food from your preferred stall and enjoy your meal at the communal tables.

“On This Day, Trying Hong Kong-Style Fried Noodles and Singapore’s Fish Ball”

Arriving well past dinner time, I was quite hungry. Despite the lack of appetite due to Singapore’s hot weather, the thought of a meal in this place seemed like a good idea.

Opting for Hong Kong-style fried noodles, it cost only SGD 8, approximately 6,500 won. The food turned out better than expected, offering a satisfying meal. However, after finishing the meal, I felt a sense of regret for not trying more local Singaporean dishes during my trip.

To remedy this, I ordered another dish with ‘fish balls.’ Although SGD 4, around 3,000 won, made it quite affordable, it didn’t meet my expectations. Perhaps it was because I was already full or that fish balls weren’t to my liking, but it didn’t live up to what I had hoped for.

“Various Tropical Fruit Drinks”

Even after finishing the two meals, I still felt a bit unsatisfied. Upon exploring nearby, I noticed booths selling tropical fruit drinks for dessert. I ordered sugarcane juice, priced at SGD 2.5, about 2,000 won, which was freshly squeezed on the spot.

After sugarcane juice, I ordered ‘coconut juice’ for SGD 3.5, approximately 3,000 won.

It’s a place where you can enjoy a variety of affordable foods and tropical fruit drinks, making it an economically friendly spot for your travels.

“Singapore Chinatown Food Street”