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Singapore ‘Chinatown’

Singapore is a multicultural nation where various cultures coexist, evident in designated areas like Arab Street for Arab culture and Little India for Indian culture. Another such area, comprising about three-quarters of Singapore’s population, is ‘Chinatown.’

“Chinatown in Singapore”

Chinatown is not exclusive to Singapore; it can be found worldwide as overseas Chinese communities established themselves outside China. You can even find a Chinatown in Incheon, South Korea, and major cities like the USA and the UK.

In Singapore, Chinatown traces its roots back to 1882 when Sir Stamford Raffles handed over this area to the Chinese immigrants. Since then, it has become a hub for Chinese culture.

“Immersing in Chinese Culture on the Streets of Chinatown”

Upon entering Chinatown, distinctive decorations immediately signify its identity. The streets are adorned with traditional red lanterns, making it unmistakably Chinatown.

Getting to Chinatown in Singapore is easy, thanks to the MRT subway system. There is a dedicated MRT station named ‘Chinatown.’

“Affordable Eats and Goods in Chinatown”

China’s low labor costs have resulted in a global availability of various inexpensive goods produced there. ‘Made in China’ has become synonymous with affordable products.

Singapore’s Chinatown is no exception, offering an array of products and foods that carry the essence of China. Exploring small shops revealed significantly lower prices compared to other areas in Singapore. Even souvenirs were around 50% cheaper; for instance, keychains and magnets, priced at 10 dollars for 4 in other areas, were sold at 10 dollars for 6 in Chinatown.

“Chinatown’s Food Street”

Singapore features ‘Hawker Centers,’ akin to food courts in Korea, but with unique characteristics. One such place is the ‘Hawker Center,’ a makeshift restaurant with tables set up for street-side dining. Unlike single-establishment eateries, this space houses multiple stalls, offering a diverse range of affordable dishes.

In Chinatown, a similar experience can be found. The prices were surprisingly reasonable; I remember ordering a meal meant for two due to the unexpectedly low prices and indulging in various desserts and beverages afterward.

Centrally located with excellent transportation options, Chinatown is a delightful stop during your exploration of Singapore.”

“Singapore Chinatown”