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Since 1971, Mapo’s Iconic Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant ‘Eulmildae’

In the vicinity of Mapo and Gongdeok stations, one can find many restaurants steeped in history. Eulmildae, which opened its doors in 1971, is one such establishment.

This restaurant prides itself on a straightforward menu featuring dishes like ‘Pyongyang Cold Noodles,’ boiled pork slices, and mung bean pancakes. With just one specialty, Pyongyang Cold Noodles, it has gained nationwide recognition.

“Since 1971, A Restaurant Preserving the History of Pyongyang Cold Noodles”

Eulmildae can be considered a place that encapsulates the history of Pyongyang Cold Noodles. Since its establishment in 1971, it has been operating for over 50 years. Recognized for its taste in the field of Pyongyang Cold Noodles, it holds a dedicated fan base.

“A Restaurant that Crafts Pyongyang Cold Noodles to Perfection”

In simple terms, Eulmildae can be described as a place that crafts Pyongyang Cold Noodles to taste exactly like authentic ones. Here, you can experience the mild and subtle flavor of the original Pyongyang Cold Noodles, without the addition of various condiments.

For those trying Pyongyang Cold Noodles for the first time, the subtle taste might raise some questions due to its non-spicy and mild flavor. However, after a few tries, Eulmildae becomes a place that comes to mind when craving Pyongyang Cold Noodles.

“Boiled Pork Slices and Mung Bean Pancakes”

Apart from Pyongyang Cold Noodles, the menu also offers boiled pork slices and mung bean pancakes. If you find the selection exclusive to Pyongyang Cold Noodles somewhat lacking, you can enhance your meal with these additional options.

“Order Pyongyang Cold Noodles in Three Size Options”

At Eulmildae, you can order cold noodles in three size options: regular, a bit more, and a lot more. While all three options are priced the same, they differ in portion size. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Regular Size: Standard portion of noodles with toppings.
  2. A Bit More Size: Slightly larger portion of noodles with toppings.
  3. A Lot More Size: Abundance of noodles with no additional toppings.

For those with hearty appetites, opting for the ‘A Bit More Size’ might offer the most value.

“A Restaurant Emanating an Old-world Charm”

Eulmildae, with its long-standing history, has expanded its facilities, yet it has managed to preserve the ambiance of the old building. It provides an environment where you can dine in a classic setting, enhancing the experience of savoring the classic dish, Pyongyang Cold Noodles.

“Seoul Gongdeok’s Pyongyang Cold Noodle Gem, Eulmildae Main Branch”

  • Address: 24 Sungmun-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-717-1922
  • Operating Hours: (Daily) 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Closed on Holidays