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“Seokchon Lake” in Jamsil, Seoul

Seokchon Lake in Jamsil, Seoul can be considered one of the representative lakeside parks in Seoul. While in terms of scale, parks like Ilsan Lake Park or Gwanggyo Lake Park may surpass it due to the emergence of new towns in Gyeonggi Province, Seokchon Lake stands as a landmark representing Jamsil, alongside Lotte World and Lotte World Tower.

“Once a Part of Songpa River, Seokchon Lake”

The appearance of Seokchon Lake has changed significantly from the past. Originally, it was a form where the Sincheon River and Songpa River flowed north and south, centered around Jamsil Island. However, with the development of the Jamsil area, the topography changed, leading to the creation of Seokchon Lake.

The present-day Seokchon Lake is divided into West Lake and East Lake based on Jamsil Station, and each is referred to as Seoho (West Lake) and Dongho (East Lake).

“Seoho with Lotte World”

In Seoho of Seokchon Lake, you can find Lotte World. It features indoor attractions and outdoor rides spanning the middle of Seokchon Lake. As you stroll around Seoho, you’ll easily hear the cheers and screams of people enjoying the rides at Lotte World. Additionally, you can even see the rides in motion with the naked eye.

“Relatively Tranquil Dongho of Seokchon Lake”

On the other hand, Dongho of Seokchon Lake exudes a relatively serene ambiance. Right in front of Dongho, you can get a close-up view of the relatively recent additions, ‘Second Lotte World’ and ‘Lotte World Tower.’

Occasionally, Lotte Group conducts the ‘Rubber Duck Project,’ where rubber ducks are floated on Seokchon Lake, and it’s more common to spot these rubber ducks in Dongho.

“Early Summer, a Day with Zero Fine Dust”

Unfortunately, the sky in Seoul is not often very clear, and there are hardly any days in the year without fine dust.

Regrettably, days with a clear sky are rare, but in early summer 2022, luckily, I was able to walk around near Seokchon Lake on a perfectly clear day with no trace of fine dust.

Heading southwest from Seoho of Seokchon Lake, there’s a spot where you can capture Jamsil’s landmarks at a glance. From here, you can capture Seokchon Lake, Lotte World, and Lotte World Tower, all of which represent Jamsil.

“Seoul Jamsil: Seokchon Lake”

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