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Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square “Kakao Friends”

Yeongdeungpo “Times Square” is a place that opened on September 16, 2009. Its name is derived from the “Times Square” in “New York.” Yeongdeungpo Times Square is the largest domestic complex shopping mall with a total area of approximately 370,000 square meters and a shopping space of 30,000 square meters. Thanks to Times Square, you can see various shops, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Kakao Friends also has a place within Times Square and can be found on the 1st floor of Times Square.

“Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square Kakao Friends”

Kakao Friends are emoji characters provided by “Kakao” and also serve as mascots for Kakao. It is a place where you can see products made up of various characters that can be seen on KakaoTalk. Since the creation of the character “Ryan,” you can see a variety of products centered around the “Ryan” character.

You can find various character products that can be used in daily life, and you can also find products with standout ideas that may not seem very useful in everyday life.

“A store where you can see various character products from KakaoTalk”

Like other Kakao Friends stores, you can see various character products, especially those featuring characters that almost everyone in the country uses on KakaoTalk, creating a sense of familiarity.

It’s not necessarily a place you’d go out of your way to visit, but since you can find it near the entrance on the 1st floor of Times Square, it’s a good place to take a look while passing by.

“Seoul Yeongdeungpo Kakao Friends Times Square Branch”