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Seoul Yeongdeungpo: Times Square

Seoul’s Sinchon, Yeongdeungpo area is considered a central hub in the southwest of Seoul. Sinchon serves as a major transit point with both Line 1 and Line 2 of the subway passing through, while Yeongdeungpo is a hub for nationwide transportation, including KTX trains.

Thanks to this, both areas are always bustling with a multitude of people, and each region has its own landmarks. In Sinchon, you can find Hyundai Department Store’s D Cube City, and in Yeongdeungpo, you’ll discover Shinsegae Department Store, Lotte Department Store, and the Times Square.

“Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square”

Opened on September 16, 2009, Yeongdeungpo’s “Times Square” derives its name from the famous “Times Square” in New York. While Yeongdeungpo Times Square was once known as the largest complex shopping mall in Korea, with a total area of about 370,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters of shopping space, it was surpassed in total area by Starfield Hanam, which opened in 2016.

Nevertheless, it is still directly connected to Shinsegae Department Store and extends to Yeongdeungpo Underground Shopping Arcade, connecting to Yeongdeungpo Station and Lotte Department Store, forming a significant commercial district.

“Diverse Stores at Yeongdeungpo Times Square”

Being a complex shopping mall, Yeongdeungpo Times Square naturally hosts a variety of stores. Most well-known stores in Korea can be found here. It is connected to Shinsegae Department Store, and you can find E-Mart, Electro Mart, and even the nation’s top bookstore, Kyobo Bookstore.

In addition to reseller stores like Frisbee that sell Apple products, you can find various fashion brands, restaurants, and cafes. Despite being indoors, it offers a considerable sense of openness, making it a unique place where you won’t feel stuffy even inside.

As a landmark representing the southwest of Seoul, it is always bustling with many people due to its large scale. It’s a great place to use as a meeting point or a date spot in the southwest of Seoul.

“Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square”

  • Address: 15 Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 07305)
  • Phone Number: 02-2638-2000
  • Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Website: http://www.timessquare.co.kr