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Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square “Emart & Electromart”

Emart and Electromart are large-scale supermarkets operated by the Shinsegae Group. They marked the beginning of large-scale retail stores in South Korea with the opening of the first store in Changdong, Dobong-gu, Seoul on November 12, 1993. Now, they have become supermarkets that can be found all over the country.

While Emart initially started with a focus on selling daily necessities, it has gradually transformed into a mall-like format. In addition, Electromart, a specialty store within Emart, is also being introduced in various Emart locations.

You can find Emart in “Times Square” located in Yeongdeungpo. In Times Square, you can find stores from Shinsegae affiliates like “Emart” and “Shinsegae Department Store,” each of them quite substantial in size.

“Times Square, Emart & Electromart”

The Electromart in Times Square is quite large in scale. Compared to Electromarts attached to other Emarts, it is even bigger, and as a result, it sells a wider range of products.

In particular, on one side, you can see displays of “keyboards” and “mice” for gamers. Gamers can visit and directly touch and purchase the keyboards and mice they like, which is an advantage.

“Electromart also sells figures”

On one side, they also sell golf equipment, and next to the golf equipment store, you can find displayed “figure” products. Inside the figure store, there is a section where you can purchase products with a rating of 19+, but I did not go in as the entrance was covered with curtains.

At Electromart Times Square, you can find a variety of electronic products, especially products for gamers are prominently displayed. Thanks to this, it’s a great place for those interested in electronic devices to visit. It’s also easily accessible since it’s located within Times Square.

“Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square: Emart & Electromart”