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Seoul Seochon Village Chebu-dong Banquet Hall Annex ‘Wang Mandu’

Seochon Village is located west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once served as the royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty. It offers a different atmosphere compared to the traditional Hanok village of Bukchon, combining an elegant and modern ambiance, making it one of Seoul’s notable attractions.

In Seochon Village, you can discover the “Sejong Culture Food Street,” where various restaurants gather. Getting there is simple. After exiting from exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung Station on subway line 3, heading north will lead you to an alley running horizontally; this is the “Sejong Culture Food Street.”

Here, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, suitable for office gatherings, well-known establishments, and budget-friendly options.

“Sejong Culture Food Street: Chebu-dong Banquet Hall”

Among them, there is a particularly famous restaurant called Chebu-dong Banquet Hall. This restaurant maintains a humble ambiance, preserving a dignified atmosphere with a history of hosting many visitors.

Chebu-dong Banquet Hall has a separate building where you can find it on the main road, near the bus stop. Here, they sell ‘Wang Mandu’ (King Dumplings) and ‘Jjinppang’ (steamed buns).

This small store in front of the bus stop is not only suitable for dining in, but it also provides a pleasant atmosphere for takeout.

“Menu of Chebu-dong Banquet Hall Annex”

The menu of Chebu-dong Banquet Hall Annex focuses on dumplings and steamed buns and includes the following:

  • Kimchi Mandu (10 pieces): 5,000 won
  • Gogi Mandu (10 pieces): 5,000 won
  • Wang Gogi Mandu (5 pieces): 5,000 won
  • Wang Kimchi Mandu (5 pieces): 5,000 won
  • Jjinppang (4 pieces): 5,000 won
  • Saewoo Mandu (8 pieces): 5,000 won

Observing the store, you’ll notice a sign that says, “If you want dumplings, press the bell.” If there are people in the store, you may not need to press it, but if no one is around, pressing the bell will summon someone to take your order.

“Wang Mandu 5 pieces: 5,000 won”

This time, I stopped by on my way home from work to grab a quick dinner. Thinking that ordering 10 Wang Mandu might be too much, I asked if it was possible to order a mix of 5 pieces of Gogi Mandu and 5 pieces of Kimchi Mandu. They readily agreed, and I enjoyed the full and flavorful dumplings. With a reasonable price and good quality, it’s a great place to stop for a quick dumpling dinner on the way home.

“Seoul Seochon Village Restaurant, Chebu-dong Banquet Hall Annex”

  • Address: 115-3 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-723-5421
  • Business Hours: (Mon-Fri) 10:00 – 22:30, (Sun) 10:00 – 22:00