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Seoul Gangnam Station Bookstore ‘Youngpoong Bookstore’

Youngpoong Bookstore is a large bookstore that can be found throughout South Korea, along with Kyobo Bookstore. Currently, Kyobo Bookstore holds the top spot among domestic bookstores, but Youngpoong Bookstore seems to be diligently catching up. In major regions of South Korea, you can find at least one large bookstore, and in the Gangnam area, Youngpoong Bookstore, along with Kyobo Bookstore, has established its presence.

In Gangnam, Kyobo Bookstore is located near “Sinnonhyeon Station,” while Youngpoong Bookstore is found near “Gangnam Station.” Particularly, Youngpoong Bookstore is situated close to Exit 11 of Gangnam Station.

“Seoul Jonggak Station Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore Jongno Main Store”

Youngpoong Bookstore first opened its doors in 1992 in Jongno. The Jongno Main Store, located in Jonggak, is the flagship store of Youngpoong Bookstore. Starting with the main store, it has expanded its presence with branches throughout South Korea. Even in areas like Gangnam, where many people gather, you can find a Youngpoong Bookstore.

“A Considerable-sized Youngpoong Bookstore”

However, the Youngpoong Bookstore near Gangnam Station is relatively modest in size compared to its rival company, Kyobo Bookstore, which can be found nearby. While Kyobo Bookstore at Sinnonhyeon Gangnam Kyobo Tower boasts a considerable size, the Youngpoong Bookstore in Gangnam appears relatively smaller.

Of course, it’s possible that Kyobo Bookstore’s size is overly large, but as competing companies, natural comparisons arise.

“A Variety of Test Preparation Books at Youngpoong Bookstore”

Perhaps due to the proximity to hagwon (private academies) and the concentration of various companies in Gangnam, you can easily find a variety of test preparation books. From bookstores catering to students to those suitable for working professionals, you can see a diverse selection of books. This gives the place a distinct feel as a hub of Gangnam.

“A Large Bookstore that First Sold Comic Books”

Nowadays, selling comic books in bookstores is common, but until the 1990s, it was taboo for large bookstores to handle and sell comic books. Youngpoong Bookstore was the first large bookstore in South Korea to professionally handle and sell comic books, breaking the norm. Subsequently, this trend also led Kyobo Bookstore, which had not dealt with comic books before, to establish a comic book section.

“Youngpoong Bookstore Online”

Similar to Kyobo Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore also operates an online bookstore. If you need a particular book, you can visit the site through the address below and place an order.

With its spacious layout and a vast collection of books, it maintains its position as a prominent bookstore. Located at Exit 5 or 6 of Jonggak Station on Line 1, the accessibility is excellent. Even if you don’t intend to purchase books, it’s a good place to visit occasionally to stay updated on the latest trends.

“Seoul Gangnam, Youngpoong Bookstore Gangnam Station Branch”

  • Address: 2nd Floor, YBM Gangnam Center, 408 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-569-9070
  • Business Hours: (Daily) 10:00 – 22:00
  • Website: Youngpoong Bookstore