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Seoul Jamsil Lotte Mart World Tower Branch “Food Court”

Jamsil Lotte World Mall is a multi-complex shopping mall operated by the Lotte Group. It synergizes with the nearby Lotte World Tower, creating a dynamic space.

In Lotte World Mall, you can find various restaurants and cafes. It’s a highly regarded place for family outings and dates for couples, thanks to the many eateries considered as popular dining spots.

While there are many wonderful places, one downside is that the prices can be a bit steep. This might be because most people visiting Jamsil are families or couples enjoying a date, I suppose.

As a result, when visiting the Jamsil area for business or needing to have a meal alone, it can sometimes be a bit challenging. However, even in such cases, if you look carefully, you can find relatively affordable dining options.

“Jamsil Lotte Mart World Tower Branch: Food Court”

When you go down to the underground level of Jamsil Lotte World Mall, you’ll find “Lotte Mart.” There are two Lotte Marts you can find in Jamsil, one at the western end and the other at the eastern end, based on Jamsil Station.

Lotte Mart World Tower Branch is the Lotte Mart located in the eastern part. If you take the escalator down from the first underground floor to the second underground floor, you’ll find the “Food Court.” You can enter the restaurant area via the escalator, and while it’s not very spacious, you can encounter a quite diverse range of foods.

What’s especially good is that even though it’s inside Lotte World Mall, the prices are relatively affordable compared to the restaurants inside the mall.

“You can also purchase packaged foods available in the mart.”

Since it’s a food court, you can find some restaurant areas, but because it’s also a mart, you can also find packaged foods. If you eat these along with your meal, it becomes an even more budget-friendly place to have a meal.

However, because it’s a food court that can be found in a mart, it tends to be crowded. Additionally, there aren’t a lot of seats available, so it might be a bit challenging to find an empty seat during peak hours when there are many people.

Furthermore, it’s not a place known for its atmosphere, so it’s a good place to visit when you just need a cost-effective meal rather than looking for a particular ambiance.

“Seoul Jamsil Lotte World Mall Lotte Mart World Tower Branch”

  • Address: 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05551
  • Phone: 02-2057-2500
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Website: Link to Lotte Mart