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Namsung Sagye Market Restaurant “Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings”

Namsung Sagye Market is a traditional market located near Isu Station, preserving a history of over 50 years. It’s conveniently situated not far from Isu Station, which is serviced by Subway Line 4 and Line 7, making it easily accessible.

Namsung Sagye Market is themed around the four seasons: the spring section primarily sells household goods, the summer section offers groceries like fruits, vegetables, and meat, the fall section features convenient food options, and the winter section provides warm soup options. It is named “Namsung Sagye Market” based on these seasonal themes.

“Namsung Sagye Market Restaurant, Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings”

Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings is a small restaurant you can find at Namsung Sagye Market. The name of the establishment clearly indicates that they specialize in a menu featuring Hong Kong-style tuna dumplings.

Upon visiting the actual store, you’ll see a prominent sign that reads “홍콩참치만두” (Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings) with the phone number written below.

“You Can Find a Variety of Menus, Including Tuna Dishes, at This Restaurant”

Looking at the menu, you can find a variety of dumplings and other dishes, including tuna dumplings. Since they specialize in tuna dumplings, I naturally wanted to try them. However, on this day, I was on a brief business trip and needed a quick meal, so I confirmed that they had tuna dumplings on the menu but ended up ordering egg fried rice.

“Egg Fried Rice: 7,000 KRW”

The egg fried rice came with simple side dishes and cost 7,000 KRW. It was evident that there was plenty of egg in it.

Come to think of it, I’ve never ordered fried rice in Hong Kong, though I did try it once in Macau. Of course, it’s challenging to compare it with eating it locally, but trying Hong Kong-style fried rice at “Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings” had its significance.

Although it’s fried rice, it wasn’t overly greasy, allowing for a comfortable and satisfying meal.

“A Small Venue”

The venue is really small, with only about three tables, making it a bit challenging to accommodate many guests at once. Most likely, most people who visit might opt for takeout.

While you can find many dumpling shops everywhere, “Tuna Dumplings” made in Hong Kong style aren’t easily found, so this place can be considered quite special.

“Seoul Isu Station Namsung Sagye Market Restaurant, Hong Kong Tuna Dumplings”

  • Address: 35 Dongjak-daero 29na-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 010-2189-9199
  • Operating Hours: (Tue-Sun) 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Closed on Mondays