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Suwon Green Transportation Center Cafe: Green Book Cafe

This neighborhood, situated to the west of Hwaseo Station and to the south of Sungkyunkwan University Station, gives off a rather tranquil and comfortable vibe.

While it has a modern appearance like a new town, it exudes a sense of relaxation, blending in well with nature, rather than simply being densely populated with high-rise buildings.

“Suwon Green Transportation Center Cafe: Green Book Cafe”

If you take a leisurely walk from Hwaseo Station and cross the Seohocheon Stream, you’ll come across the “Green Transportation Center.” This facility serves as a social welfare center, conducting programs such as swimming, lifelong education, sports programs, and facility rentals.

On the first floor lobby of the eastern building, you can find a small neighborhood cafe named “Green Book Cafe.”

“A Cafe with a Serene and Comfortable Atmosphere”

The overall image of Green Book Cafe is one of tranquility and comfort. It seems to be a place created with the intention of allowing people to take a moment of leisure in the midst of the busy modern society.

You can also read the books displayed, and they offer coffee at a reasonable price. A cup of Americano is sold for 2,800 KRW, which is much cheaper compared to the prices at mainstream franchise coffee shops like Starbucks.

“A Good Place to Spend Some Time Alone”

The seating is also quite ample, and in some seats, you can find electrical outlets for charging. It’s a decent place if you want to bring a laptop or tablet and get some work done.

While it may not be a place you intentionally seek out, considering its relatively distant location and quiet neighborhood surroundings, if you happen to visit, it’s a great place to spend some leisurely time.

“Suwon Green Transportation Center Cafe: Green Book Cafe”

  • Address: 23 Ilwol-ro 22beon-gil, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, 16422
  • Phone: 031-255-2071