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Seoul Jongno ‘Rakhee Street – Songhae-gil’

Near Nakwon Shopping Center in Seoul Jongno, you can find a street named after Mr. ‘Songhae.’ With Nakwon Shopping Center at its core, Insadong is situated to the west, and Ikseondong Hanok Village lies to the east.

Close to Jongno 5-ga Station, which you can find in Ikseondong Hanok Village, you’ll come across Songhae-gil.

“Newly Named Street on Sutgol-ro in Jongno, Songhae-gil”

Songhae-gil is the newly given name to the existing Sutgol-ro. It refers to a road named ‘Rakhee Street – Songhae-gil,’ which runs perpendicular from Jongno 5-ga Station Exit 5 to Cheonggyecheon. To the west of Sutgol-ro, you can also find Tapgol Park.

“The Birth of Songhae-gil”

The reason for naming this street Songhae-gil is straightforward. This place was the living base for Mr. Songhae, who engaged in broadcasting and events for over 50 years. Especially due to his strong connection with the residents and a profound affection for Nakwon-dong, it became the second hometown of Mr. Songhae.

Although Mr. Songhae is no longer with us, you can still encounter his presence on this street in Jongno.

Moreover, next to the Songhae-gil sign, you can find a statue of Mr. Songhae.

“Seoul Jongno-gu Nakwon-dong, Songhae-gil”

  • Address: 289-7 Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul