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Seoul COEX Cafe: Starbucks Byeolmadang Branch

Inside the Seoul COEX Starfield, there is an iconic space known as the “Byeolmadang Library.” Opened in 2017, it garnered attention for its open and inviting layout, in contrast to the traditional closed-off style of libraries.

“COEX Starfield Byeolmadang Library”

The Byeolmadang Library is located at the heart of COEX Mall and covers an area of approximately 850 square meters, spanning two floors. The towering shelves, standing at about 13 meters, create an overwhelming ambiance.

Interestingly, COEX’s Byeolmadang Library drew inspiration from Singapore’s “Library @Orchard,” a library within a shopping mall.

I happened to visit the “Orchard Library” in Singapore during a previous trip, and I wrote about it afterwards. Perhaps this served as a catalyst for the creation of the “Byeolmadang Library” in Korea. (While a few people had written about Orchard Library before, I believe my article was one of the first to gain significant visibility.)

“COEX Byeolmadang Library Cafe: Starbucks COEX Byeolmadang Branch”

Right next to the Byeolmadang Library, you can find a Starbucks. Since it’s located right next to the library, one might wonder if it disrupts the ambiance. However, the image of Starbucks doesn’t seem starkly different from that of the Byeolmadang Library, making it blend in seamlessly.

“A Relatively Small-Scale Starbucks Store”

The Starbucks store near COEX Byeolmadang Library is relatively small in size. It can accommodate about 15 people at a time. As a result, most visitors opt for takeout orders. Finding available seating can be a bit challenging in this compact space.

However, one comforting aspect is that you can still find a few seats to take a brief rest within the Byeolmadang Library. Of course, it may not always be easy, as this place tends to be bustling with visitors. Nevertheless, you can usually find one or two available seats to take a momentary break.

This small Starbucks store adjacent to the Byeolmadang Library offers a great opportunity to order a cup of coffee, explore the library, and enjoy your drink.

“Seoul COEX Cafe: Starbucks COEX Byeolmadang Branch”

  • Address: 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 06164)
  • Phone Number: 1522-3232
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri) 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, (Sat-Sun) 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Website: https://www.starbucks.co.kr/index.do