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Seoul National University Entrance Station Snack Bar: ‘Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap’

At the Seoul National University Entrance, it’s now quite rare to find franchise restaurants. “Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap” is one of the few remaining stores that continues to maintain its reputation.

“Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap”

Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap was once a flourishing franchise brand, with up to 800 franchise locations. However, due to various circumstances, only a few remain. One of them can be found in front of Seoul National University Entrance.

“Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap at Seoul National University Entrance”

You can find Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap near Seoul National University Entrance. If you head up towards Gwanak-gu Office from Exit 2 of Seoul National University Entrance Station, you’ll come across it. It’s easy to find as they have a signboard on the first floor of the building.

Moreover, the restaurant is right in front of the building’s entrance, allowing you to see the eatery from outside without having to enter the building.

“A Restaurant Offering Various Menus Including Kimbap”

Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap, like traditional franchise restaurants, offers a variety of menus. While kimbap is the main menu item, other options like simple fried rice and stews also play a significant role.

Although the menu is extensive and diverse, the prices for each item are relatively affordable. You can have a meal for about KRW 5,000 to KRW 6,000. Thanks to this, it’s a restaurant where you can have a meal without much financial burden.

Especially near Seoul National University, you’ll find many current students seeking this place out. As students, they often have limited budgets, and there are times when they need to dine alone. This place is suitable for solo dining and offers reasonably priced food, making it a comfortable choice. It’s a restaurant with a concept that fits well with the vicinity of Seoul National University Entrance.

“Seoul National University Entrance Snack Bar: Lee Kyung Kyu’s Apgujeong Kimbap”

  • Address: 164 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 08788)
  • Phone Number: 02-872-4519