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Jeju Seogwipo Night View: Saeyeon Bridge & Saeseom Island

Jeju Island boasts stunning natural landscapes, offering numerous attractions to explore during the daylight hours. However, options for evening activities are relatively limited after the sun sets. This can leave one feeling a bit disappointed due to the scarcity of places to visit in the evening.

While traveling in Jeju, one can distinctly feel the difference between urban and rural lifestyles. In Seogwipo, there is at least one notable place to visit in the late evening, which is the “Saeyeon Bridge” connecting to “Saeseom Island.”

“A Bridge Shaped Like a Teu, Saeyeon Bridge”

Seogwipo is home to a bridge that connects to Saeseom Island called “Saeyeon Bridge.” This bridge is designed to resemble the traditional Jeju fishing boat called a “teu.” When viewed from a distance, it evokes the sensation of a large boat floating on the water. In the evening, the vibrant lights create an even more captivating atmosphere.

“Perfect for a Night Stroll, Seogwipo’s Saeseom Island”

After crossing Saeyeon Bridge, one can enter “Saeseom Island.” While not particularly large, it offers well-maintained walking paths. Even with a leisurely pace, you can complete a full circle in about 20 minutes, making it an easily accessible destination for a relaxed stroll. Crossing Saeyeon Bridge with friends or a loved one and taking a leisurely walk around Saeseom Island to appreciate the surrounding scenery is a delightful option. It’s a great way to slowly savor the view of the Jeju sea.

“Saeseom Island Closes at 10 PM”

The viewing hours for Saeseom Island are until 10 PM. Considering that it takes about 20 minutes to complete the walk around the island, it’s advisable to visit the bridge at least by 9:30 PM if you plan to explore Saeseom Island.

If you’re contemplating where to go for an evening excursion to enjoy one of the rare night views in Jeju Island, consider this hidden gem in Jeju’s Seogwipo.

“Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Seogwipo Saeyeon Bridge & Saeseom Island”

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