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Seochon Village Brunch Cafe ‘As Like’

In Seochon Village, located west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, you can find unique and atmospheric cafes. Some of them even offer simple brunch options.

Not far from Gyeongbokgung Station on Line 3, you can find about three brunch cafes. One offers menu items like Singaporean-style Kaya Toast and is called “Kopitiam.” Another is “H Lounge,” and the last one is called “As Like.”

“Seochon Village Gyeongbokgung Station Brunch Cafe, As Like”

The name “As Like” comes from the English phrase “As Like.” Translated literally, it could mean something like “As You Please.” There is a play by the British playwright Shakespeare called “As You Like It,” and the cafe might have taken inspiration from there.

Getting there is simple. Exit 3 of Gyeongbokgung Station on Line 3, head north for about two blocks, then turn right into the alley. You’ll find it as you walk.

“A Cafe with Fresh Atmosphere Through Plant-based Interior”

The interior of As Like is decorated with plants, creating a refreshing atmosphere. The high ceiling also adds a sense of openness.

On sunny days, the soft light coming in through the windows also contributes to the pleasant interior.

“Gyeongbokgung Station Brunch Cafe, As Like”

The reason for our visit this time was to enjoy brunch. Brunch is a combination of “Breakfast” and “Lunch,” meaning a late breakfast. At the cafe, various brunch menus are offered, ranging from sandwich-based options to salad-based dishes and side menus. The main menu ranges from 12,000 to 15,000 KRW per serving.

Of course, you can also order beverages like coffee, tea, ade, and juice. The price for an Americano is 4,500 KRW, maintaining a similar price range to Starbucks.

“Ricotta Bacon Sandwich: 13,000 KRW”

The menu I ordered this time was the “Ricotta Bacon Sandwich.” It’s priced at 13,000 KRW, which might feel a bit hefty, but considering the recent rapid rise in prices, it’s not too burdensome.

The Ricotta Bacon Sandwich consists of homemade ricotta cheese, arugula, bacon, and sun-dried tomatoes on a baguette, served with scrambled eggs and sour cream with chives.

Overall, it was a reasonably portioned meal for brunch, not too heavy, and relatively healthy. However, personally, as someone who tends to eat a lot, I found the portion to be a bit small.

If it’s not a late lunch but truly just a simple brunch in the morning, it could be considered a great menu.

“High Ceiling Creates an Airy Atmosphere”

Personally, what I liked the most was that the high ceiling prevents any feeling of stuffiness. Even indoors, you can feel a sense of openness.

Additionally, the carefully decorated plants also catch the eye. Thanks to this, it’s a place that creates a cozy yet luxurious atmosphere, suitable for gatherings with friends or as a dating spot.

“Seoul Seochon Village Brunch Cafe, As Like”