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Hongdae Cafe ‘Cyrene City 21C’ in Seoul

In the vicinity of Hongik University in Seoul, you can easily find unique and trendy stores. The commercial area in front of Hongdae has been expanding, reaching as far north as Yeonnam-dong and extending south to Sangsu and Hapjeong.

Especially near Yeonnam-dong, Sangsu Station, and Hapjeong Station, there are many unique and distinctive cafes, forming a cafe street.

“Seoul Hongdae Cafe, Cyrene City 21C”

The cafe “Cyrene City 21C” is also one of the cafes you can find in the Hongdae area. It is located northwest of Hongik University Entrance Station. While it’s slightly off from the current trend in Yeonnam-dong, with a little effort in searching, you can discover a space where you can experience the trendy, Instagram-worthy ambiance.

To get there, head northwest from the Hongik University Entrance Station intersection and follow the main road. Once you see a sign for “Korean Blood Association,” turn into the alley, and you’ll find it.

“A Colorful Cafe with an Instagram-worthy Vibe”

Cyrene City 21C is a space where you can feel the so-called Instagram ambiance. From the entrance of the store, you can feel a vibrant atmosphere with the use of primary colors like yellow and green.

Upon entering, you’ll experience an even more harmonious combination of vibrant colors. It exudes a bright and lively feeling without feeling old-fashioned. Combining colors wrongly could result in an outdated feel, but they have successfully achieved a fitting combination.

During our visit, the cafe owner was personally at the counter. Their attire was also coordinated with the cafe’s colors, making it easy to recognize them right away.

“You Can Taste Coffee, TWG Tea, and Snacks”

Naturally, being a cafe, you can taste various coffee menu items, including the standard Americano. Coffee is reasonably priced, starting at around 3,900 KRW for an Americano.

You can also order TWG tea, and at 4,500 KRW per cup, it’s not overly expensive. Considering the prices of TWG teas elsewhere, this cafe could be considered cost-effective.

In addition, you can see a variety of side dishes available, which you can order at a reasonable price if needed.

It’s a cafe space filled with the so-called Instagram ambiance. It’s a place where you can experience a colorful and fairytale-like atmosphere, which may be hard to find in other cafes.

“Seoul Hongdae Cafe, Cyrene City 21C Hongdae Main Branch”