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Namyangju Bukhangang View Cafe ‘Habaek Bukhangang Branch’

As you drive along the Han River, heading upstream to the east from Seoul, you can discover charming cafes situated in places where you can enjoy a view of the Han River.

When you pass through Seoul’s Gangdong-gu, Guri, and arrive in Namyangju, cafes with views of the upper reaches of the Han River appear along the roadside.

“A Drive Along the Han River”

I had a chance to go on a drive, leaving Seoul for a while. It wasn’t a drive with a predetermined destination. I simply set off, planning to drive along the Han River upstream as far as my feet would take me.

The journey, starting near Hongik University in Seoul, took me through Gangbyeonbuk-ro and Olympic Boulevard, passing through Guri and Hanam, until I reached Namyangju. As I ventured out of Seoul, I realized lunchtime was approaching.

Since it was a bit early for lunch, I decided to stop by a nearby cafe to enjoy a simple brunch.

“Namyangju Bukhangang View Cafe: Habaek Bukhangang Branch”

The cafe I briefly visited was named “Habaek.” In fact, you can find another cafe with the same name nearby. It is presumed that they are operated by the same person under the same name. One is a straightforward cafe where you can order coffee and bread, while the other is located right in front of the Han River, offering a view of the river.

The place we visited this time was “Habaek Bukhangang Branch,” a cafe where you can enjoy a view of the Han River. Cafe Habaek Bukhangang Branch is divided into two main areas. One is a “cafe” where you can order coffee and bread, and the other is a bakery that freshly supplies the cafe with bread. This allows the cafe to offer special and delicious bread.

“A Three-Floor Cafe”

Cafe Habaek Bukhangang Branch is quite spacious. It consists of a total of three floors, and it also has an outdoor terrace. On the first floor, there is a space where you can go outdoors and spend time. On a nice day, it’s great to spend time outdoors.

However, on the day we visited, it had just rained, so spending time outdoors felt a bit uncertain. We briefly stepped outside but quickly went back inside to spend our time.

The indoor space consists of three floors in total. Both the second and third floors have seats where you can enjoy a view of the Han River. It may be a bustling atmosphere with many people, especially on weekends. However, on the day we visited, it was a weekday, and it was also early in the morning, so we could enjoy a relatively quiet atmosphere.

“The Only Slight Disappointment was the Murky Han River Water”

If you’re lucky, you can enjoy a clean view of the Han River. However, on this day, unfortunately, it seemed that the river water was closer to a clayish color than the usual clear blue. It was a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, the weather was fine, so it was still a day to enjoy a somewhat splendid view. It’s a great place to visit on a day when you want to take in the refreshing air while overlooking the Bukhangang River. They also provide parking space, making it a convenient spot to take a short drive out of Seoul for a date.

“Namyangju Cafe: Habaek Bukhangang Branch”

  • Address: 1136 Bukhangang-ro, Huado-eup, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do 12194
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 – 24:00
  • Phone Number: 031-592-2345