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Part-time work at Coupang Logistics Center “Goyang 1 Center” at night

With the sudden holiday at the beginning of the year, I thought it would be nice to earn some extra money and gain new experiences in my spare time. After considering various options, I found out that I could easily apply for a day’s work at the Coupang logistics center, so I applied for an afternoon shift at the nearby “Coupang Goyang 1 Center.”

“Coupang part-time work easily applied through Coupunch”

I knew that applying for part-time work at Coupang Logistics Center was easy, but it was my first time actually applying and going through the process. Now that Coupang is even listed on the New York Stock Exchange, their system seemed well-equipped.

Through an app called “Coupunch,” I could easily apply for work at the desired date and center. Once the work was confirmed for the chosen date, I would receive a notification. Initially, I didn’t get selected for the first date I applied for, but luckily, I got selected on the second try and got the chance to try working at Coupang.

“Duties include receiving, shipping, and hub tasks”

When applying for tasks through Coupunch, various duties are available, but the basic ones include receiving, shipping, and hub tasks.

Looking at reviews of Coupang part-time work, many mention how hectic it can be, especially for those working at the “hub.” While it’s indeed challenging to work at the hub, tasks like receiving or shipping are comparatively easier.

In terms of difficulty, receiving is the easiest and most straightforward, followed by shipping, and the hub is the most challenging. Since the hub deals with finalizing items before loading them onto delivery trucks, there’s often a time crunch, making it the most demanding.

Here’s a brief summary of each task:

  • Receiving: Receiving items sent from external vendors to Coupang.
  • Shipping: Retrieving items from received goods that are ready for sale.
  • Hub: Final processing before loading items onto delivery trucks.

Due to the nature of the tasks, receiving experiences the least time pressure, followed by shipping, and the hub experiences the most time pressure. More time pressure often means more stress, making the job more challenging. Therefore, Coupang offers slightly higher pay for hub tasks, but it’s not significantly higher, so for beginners, applying for receiving or shipping tasks might be more advantageous.

“Coupang: Receiving duties”

I applied for receiving duties at Coupang. On the first day, various safety trainings were conducted, and it took about two hours from boarding the shuttle bus to being assigned to tasks. Note that personal phones are not allowed during work hours at Coupang, so they must be stored in assigned lockers upon arrival.

Receiving tasks involve receiving and sorting items from large boxes, checking their contents, scanning each item’s barcode for confirmation, and placing them into smaller tote boxes for conveyor belt transport. Since the tasks themselves are not overly strenuous, many women and older individuals work in this area, making it accessible to physically fit men.

“Coupang-provided meals”

During the approximately nine-hour work shift, meal breaks begin about halfway through. Fortunately, Coupang provides meals free of charge. I remember there was a cafeteria located on the 6th or 7th floor at the Goyang 1 Center. (The exact floor may vary, but it’s usually on the top or one floor below.)

Interestingly, each floor offers different menus, so if you work at Coupang frequently, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the menus on each floor beforehand. There are typically two types of meals provided: a traditional Korean meal served buffet-style and simpler options like instant noodles.

The Korean meals were surprisingly good, despite appearing somewhat lacking in side dishes, the soup was delicious.

“Coupang’s small perks”

Coupang also provides small perks for its employees, including those working part-time. When looking at the prices of beverages from vending machines inside Coupang, you’ll notice that they’re offered at prices from ten years ago. Canned coffee costs 300 won, and other beverages are priced around 300-400 won each, making it affordable to enjoy a drink.

Additionally, during the winter season when I worked there, each person received two free hand warmers.

“Next-day payment for Coupang logistics center part-time work”

One of the advantages of working part-time at Coupang logistics center is that payment is made the next day. However, if you work on weekends or public holidays, payment will be made on the next working day.

For example, if you work on a Friday, you’ll receive payment on the following Monday. If you work on a Monday, payment will be made on Tuesday.

This quick payment turnaround allows you to quickly access your earnings if you need them urgently.

“The enormous scale of Coupang Goyang Logistics Center”

One of the most surprising aspects of working at Coupang was the immense scale of their logistics center. Having never worked at a different logistics center before, I initially thought all centers were this massive. However, I later learned from acquaintances who had worked in various logistics centers that Coupang’s center is indeed larger than most.

The scale was so overwhelming that it reminded me of scenes from sci-fi movies. In particular, it brought to mind a scene from “Ready Player One,” which is set in a futuristic world.

While I pondered what I would do if I couldn’t find a place that would accept me as I aged, the part-time work at Coupang’s logistics center, which continued until dawn, was not as easy as I had feared. However, it was less physically demanding than I had worried about, so it was a relief. I’m fortunate to have found work at another company now, but having the experience in advance was definitely a wise decision.

“Goyang Coupang Fulfillment Centers 1 and 3”