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“Osaka Shinsaibashi Guesthouse – The Stay Osaka”

After concluding a 3-night, 4-day family trip, I decided to extend my stay alone for an additional 3 nights and 4 days. I planned to spend one night in Osaka, one night in Nara, and the remaining night in Kobe to explore destinations I hadn’t visited before.

The initial 3 nights and 4 days were dedicated to a family trip with my parents, focusing on safe and enjoyable destinations for them. As most places we had already visited, now that I was continuing the journey solo, it was time to explore new locations.

“Osaka Shinsaibashi Guesthouse”

To continue my solo journey, I chose a guesthouse in Osaka Shinsaibashi as my first accommodation. Named “The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi,” it operated like a hotel, offering both room rentals and dormitory-style accommodations.

While it was possible to rent individual rooms like a hotel, I opted for the more economical dormitory option, considering my solo travel circumstances and the limited time I would spend in the room, mostly for sleeping.

“Affordable Guesthouse at Around 30,000 Won per Night”

Being a guesthouse with dormitory accommodation, the prices were quite reasonable. I booked a night for around 30,000 won, and I made the reservation through Agoda.

Due to a busy schedule before departure, I had only checked the availability of the accommodation and confirmed the reservation a few days later. During this time, the prices had slightly increased, resulting in a small loss overall. Nevertheless, with a cost of around 30,000 won per night, it didn’t pose a significant challenge to my budget travel plans.

The payment was made on-site in Japanese yen, and I paid around 3,500 yen. Considering the exchange rate at that time, which was approximately 899 won for 100 yen, it was a bit more expensive than 30,000 won but still reasonable.

“2nd-floor Restaurant and Lounge”

The second floor featured a spacious lounge area equipped with a refrigerator and tableware. There were facilities like a coffee pot to boil water if needed, and a fridge for storing food.

Tables were set up for people to gather and enjoy simple meals. Some individuals were seen working on their laptops. The guesthouse had a distinct atmosphere of freedom and youthfulness.

“4th-floor Dormitory”

The assigned room was a dormitory on the 4th floor, designed with a capsule hotel concept. Beds were lined up, and I used one from the available choices.

Since I had experienced a capsule hotel during my 2019 trip to Tokyo, it wasn’t a shock. Instead, the familiar system made it easier for me to adapt to the accommodation.

“Shower Facilities”

The shower facilities were also located on the 4th floor, easily accessible at the end of the corridor. It seemed to be a shared space for both men and women. Surprisingly, there were no inconveniences or encounters with others during the times I used the showers, which were either early in the morning or late at night.

“Guesthouse Breakfast”

The guesthouse offered breakfast for around 450 yen. Although I didn’t pre-order breakfast, it seemed reasonably priced for those who did.

“Storage Lounge for Luggage”

After spending one night at the guesthouse, I planned to explore Osaka city more before moving on to the next accommodation. To avoid carrying luggage around, I stored my bags at the guesthouse. The luggage storage area was on the 2nd-floor lounge.

To store luggage, the lounge provided a lock, and upon receiving it, you could go to the luggage storage area. Using a cable provided, you could secure your belongings to a pillar and lock them, ensuring safe storage.

“It’s Affordable and Offers a Bright Atmosphere”

This accommodation was part of my budget-friendly stay during my Osaka trip. While staying in hotels in the Shinimamiya area during my 2018 trip would have been even more economical, the atmosphere in that area wasn’t particularly appealing. This time, I chose accommodation closer to Namba, and it was reasonably priced, providing a satisfying experience.

Above all, the guesthouse exuded a bright atmosphere, characteristic of such accommodations.

“The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi, Osaka”

  • Address: 1 Chome-14-29 Shimanouchi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0082, Japan
  • Phone: +81-6-6251-3900
  • Website: thestay.jp
  • Agoda Booking: The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi