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“Osaka PARCO, Godzilla Store”

When you ascend to the 6th floor of PARCO Department Store, located in the heart of Osaka’s Shinsaibashi district, you’ll discover various character shops. Among them, you can also find the representation of Japan’s iconic monster character, “Godzilla.”

“Godzilla, a Japanese Monster Film Released in 1954”

Godzilla is a Japanese monster film released in 1954. While known as “Gojira (ゴジラ)” in Japan, it adopted the name “Godzilla” when exported to the United States in 1956. In South Korea, the term “Godzilla” became widely recognized with the 1998 American remake of the original Japanese film. With a history dating back to 1954, Godzilla is considered a pioneer in the kaiju (monster) film genre, and its enduring popularity has led to various marketing efforts featuring Godzilla in Japan. In Tokyo’s Kabukicho district, for example, there is even a street adorned with “Godzilla Heads.”

“Godzilla Store at Osaka PARCO Department Store”

Osaka’s PARCO Department Store houses a Godzilla store where you can explore and purchase a variety of Godzilla character merchandise. While not excessively large in scale, the store offers a glimpse into diverse Godzilla character products.

Located on the same floor as other character shops featuring Studio Ghibli, Capcom, Crayon Shin-chan, and more, the Godzilla Store naturally becomes a point of interest as you explore the 6th floor.

“Osaka PARCO Department Store, Godzilla Store”

  • Address: 1 Chome-8-3 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0085, Japan
  • Phone Number: +81649633181
  • Website: Godzilla Store Osaka
  • Business Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM