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Noborioji Park in Nara Park

Nara Park encompasses various smaller parks, including Kofuku-ji and Todai-ji. One of the parks where deer sightings are common is Noborioji Park. Located conveniently near Nara Bus Terminal and directly opposite Nara Prefectural Office, Noborioji Park is the go-to place if you’re eager to see deer in Nara.

“Easy Deer Sightings Near Nara Bus Terminal at Noborioji Park”

While deer are easily spotted in other areas within Nara Park, Noborioji Park holds particular significance for its proximity to Nara Bus Terminal. I approached Noborioji Park from the direction of Kofuku-ji, and to my surprise, a group of deer quickly emerged. Among them, many people were also visible, creating a scene where deer and humans harmoniously coexisted.

“Experience Feeding Deer”

Throughout Nara Park, booths selling deer snacks are scattered, offering a chance to purchase deer senbei (rice crackers). These snacks, made only from rice bran and flour, are not only suitable for deer but also provide an opportunity for visitors to experience feeding them. The price is reasonable, and a packet, costing around ¥200, contains approximately 5-6 senbei.

Upon purchasing senbei, deer will eagerly approach. Some might even nudge or poke you from behind, requesting a treat. Walking into the midst of deer with senbei in hand leads to an immediate crowd of deer seeking attention. It’s a fleeting moment where you can feel like a superstar instantly popular among the deer.

“Senbei Specifically for Deer, Purchased for ¥200”

Feeling compelled to contribute to the deer’s mealtime, I naturally bought senbei for deer. Although I hadn’t eaten my own meal yet, the idea of offering deer their meal appealed to me. As soon as I bought the senbei, deer rushed in, poking and nudging, expressing their desire for a share. This experience was the most memorable in Nara Park, and the place itself has become synonymous with deer encounters.

It’s essential to remember that while these deer have adapted well to human presence and coexist peacefully, they are, in fact, wild deer. Although the chances are slim, it’s advisable to be prepared for any unforeseen deer behavior. Warning signs indicating “Caution: Deer” are scattered throughout Nara Park.

Noborioji Park, Nara Park